Core Patient Education

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Below are important steps for patients and their families to take prior to going home from hospital.

Step 1- review a printed version of the handout

Step 2- watch the 2 discharge videos

Step 3- watch the applicable complication videos

Step 1- Patient Care Handouts

Click the link below to access all patient care handouts

Step 2- Discharge Videos

These 2 videos are important for anyone who has (or wants to learn about) cirrhosis. They cover the basics of common complications, self-management and what to watch for.

What is cirrhosis

Living with cirrhosis

Compensated Cirrhosis

Decompensated Cirrhosis


Step 3- Complication Videos

These 3 videos include more information about common cirrhosis complications.

Ascites and Pleural effusion

Hepatic encephalopathy